Natural false lashes

Discover the versatile assembly of natural lashes online at Nikkia Joy Cosmetics. Innovatively designed by beauty guru Nikkia Joy, the natural false eyelashes range has been crafted to accentuate the beauty of your natural lashes. Design, comfort and durability are crafted to be unnoticeably transformative and effortless to apply. Constructed using the highest quality synthetic lash fibers to allow for a fluttery softness and a beautifully framed eye, meet cruelty free makeup and cosmetics and uncover a world of true, luxury beauty.

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Each set of natural lashes combines modest volume with light and airy movement, providing wearers with a versatile range of natural looks lashes. Welcome faux mink sets, multi directional wispy fibers, transparent lash bands, and cross woven lashes to achieve both volume, length, and the ultimate in undetectable wear. Pair with our ultra-pigmented highlight palette to achieve a dreamy look for every mood and moment.