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When you need versatile color fast, look no further than our collection of loose pigments. Loose pigments are safe and easy to apply on the eye area for looks that really pop - Saturday night glam, anyone? If you’re looking for a highlighter to brighten those cheeks, loose pigments are great for adding color and shine. For festival vibes, add some loose pigment on your body - collar bones, chest and arms - for a fun, long lasting color. The Nikkia Joy Cosmetics collection of loose pigments are available in a range of shades and finishes, including chromashift, duochrome and metallic. Mix and match pigments for a fun look, or select one color to accentuate your style - the choice is completely up to you!

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Nikkia Joy Cosmetics Loose Pigments

All of our loose pigments are finely milled and highly concentrated. This means that they’re soft and easy to apply, and won’t irritate your skin with their fine texture. The lightweight pigments provide a smooth, rich finish. Our formula is designed to be used on its own for a softer look or applied with a wet brush for a more dramatic look. Mixing your loose pigments with other products, such as foundation or lotions won’t affect the shimmer and shine - in fact, it’ll make you glow even more! Use your versatile pigment on top of lipstick - it’s completely safe to do so. We’re an ethical company, and all our loose pigments are cruelty free. 

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If you’re looking for some of the best loose pigments, you’re in luck. Shop online with Nikkia Joy Cosmetics and enjoy fast 3-day delivery. Can’t wait to get your hands on your loose pigments? We offer a buy now, pay later option so you can make repayments on your purchase in easy fortnightly installments. Simply select Afterpay or Klarna at checkout and start enjoying your new loose pigments today!