Enhance your look and make a statement with our selection of false eyelashes for small eyes. Whether you’re looking to add volume, length, a lash lift or all three, the selection of eyelashes for small eyes has been especially curated to open up your eyes and give your lash line a boost. Browse through an assembly of subtle lash sets, statement styles and innovatively designed lash sets, designed specifically for those with smaller eye shapes.

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Accentuate your eyes with Nikkia Joy

Create any look of your desire. Made by beauty guru Nikkia Joy, every style has been thoughtfully designed to enhance petite eye shapes without weighing the eyes down or overcrowding. From monolid eyes to hooded and small almond shaped eyes, allow the selection of 3D designs, fluffy lightweight volume and multidimensional cross woven patterns to give your eyes enviable brightness and definition.

The range of false eyelashes for small eyes delivers long-lasting natural false lash sets, dramatic false lashes that promise to make the right kind of statement, and everything in between. Carefully designed for lightweight, comfortable wear, our lashes can also be re-worn up to 15 times, promising a flattering fit and an ultra-curled, lash enhancing lift like never before.

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Innovative and aesthetically superior, the collection of fake lashes for small eyes has everything you need to create specific makeup looks for every mood and moment. Browse through the range of Nikkia Joy Cosmetics for high end beauty products that are both vegan, cruelty free and kind.

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