Evoke the power of 3D silk lashes with Nikkia Joy Cosmetics. Exquisite allure and a dreamy aesthetic – our range of versatile 3D silk lashes online has your day to day look and weekend transformation covered. Expertly designed and created by beauty expert Nikkia Joy, each set of luxurious silk 3D lashes is crafted with soft silk fibers, in a wide range of designs.

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Natural volume, maximum brightness and full curls to ensure you achieve a romantic, glamorous look, Nikkia Joy Cosmetics provides 3D silk lashes in the USA for those aiming to enhance their features through the world of beauty. Think curated, luxury beauty, in each and every design. Made using a soft cotton strip band, our range of 3D silk lashes are lightweight, comfortable, and are effortlessly applied. Using Ultra Flex technology, our lashes will move naturally with you, promising all day comfort and durability.

Buy 3D silk lashes & accentuate your look

Welcome ultra-wispy fluffy hairs, full curls, gently tapered styles and delicately bundled lashes to your collection of silk 3D lashes. Available in a number of different styles ideal for creating various makeup looks, our silky, soft 3D stacked hairs promise to give your eyes a feminine and brightened look, every time.

If you’re looking for 3D silk lashes in the USA that cater to every eye shape, Nikkia Joy Cosmetics offers versatile beauty and beyond. Whether you have hooded, almond or round shaped eyes, to those of you that wear glasses, our signature cruelty free lashes cater to all eye shapes and sizes. From a soft, natural lift to intense definition, you can achieve your personal desired look when you buy our 3D silk lashes.

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Offering everything from economy to express shipping across the USA, enjoy fast delivery times and lashes that redefine the world of beauty.

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