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The Madeline Lash is the ultimate flirty lash with gathered tapered hair bundles to give the eyes volume and definition without overpowering them


  • Thin cotton flex band for increased flexibility & long wear comfort
  • Fluffy hairs are carefully stacked into 3D bundles to give eyes seductive volume and drama without overcrowding the lid space.
  • Silk soft ‘guard hairs’ are carefully spaced between bundles to give the lash a super natural & flirty appearance
  • Ultra curled to lift and open the eyes
  • Constructed using the highest quality PBT silk fibres to give the look and feel of a mink lash without the cruelty
  • Resuable up to 25 times
  • All eye shapes & sizes


100% handcrafted, reusable and cruelty free. Glue not included. Please visit our APPLICATION TIPS page to learn more.

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