The Best Lashes for Almond Eyes

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Mastering the art of false lash application can be tricky, especially if you’re not wearing the right lashes for your eye shape.

Wearing falsies should only enhance your natural look, giving you the longer and fuller lashes that you’ve always dreamed about. So, what are the best lashes for almond shaped eyes? Since almond eyes are basically like having an oval shaped face, you’re going to suit pretty much any lash shape.

Did someone say #blessed? That was us – and we’re talking about you.  

Want to know whether you have almond shaped eyes? Or more importantly, what the best lashes for almond eyes look like so that you can snap them up and get planning your next weekend makeup look? Coming up.  


Almond shaped eyes: the 411

almond eyes

Not sure whether you have almond shaped eyes? If your eyes slightly point upwards at the ends, with a wider center where the iris touches the top and the bottom of your eyelid, you have almond eyes.


Finding the right false eyelashes for you

The best lashes for almond eyes? The list is endless.

lashes on almond shaped eyes

As the most universal eye shape, you’re going to be able to throw on just about any pair of lashes and look like a 10/10.  Since you don’t really have any restrictions in terms of volume, length or shape, you’re basically free to choose lashes that complement whatever makeup look you’re trying to achieve. And if you really want to make the most out of your eye shape (we see you, showing the rest of us up!), the smokey cat-eye is the perfect look for you.

The Zahrah lash, we’re looking at you. Emphasize your eye shape with soft flirty tips that gradually lengthen towards the outer edges. You can’t go wrong with a classic winged style.

Zahrah Lash


 Zahrah Lash ($12 USD)

Be brave and bold with the Chloe lash. If anyone can do this glam, it’s you. We’re talking triple-stacked volume and tons of drama.


 Chloe Lash ($8 USD)


Meet Ashleigh 2.0, your new best friend for off-duty days when you fancy a little boost. This natural lash is made from multi directional wispy fibers, perfect for a natural or even one of those 'no makeup' makeup days.


 Ashleigh Lash ($7 USD)

Ready to develop your glam skills and add to your collection of false lashes? Explore the Nikkia Joy Cosmetics blog for more tips, tricks and mood enhancing makeup moments.  



How do I choose the right pair of eyelashes?

Before you get a little lash happy, remember that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to picking the right lashes for your eye shape. From big eyes to hooded and monolid eyes, avoid a false lash fail by making sure that your lashes don’t droop down or hang over the outer corners of your eyes as this can actually make your eyes look smaller and ruin your look.


What lashes are best for almond eyes? 

The best best false lashes for almond eyes are pretty much… whatever you want. Whether you prefer winged out styles, natural lashes with evenly distributed lashes or triple stacked volume lashes, almond shaped eyes suit every lash stye and glam effortlessly.


Can fake eyelashes look natural?

Absolutely, especially with the right shaped lash and an innovatively designed product. Nailing your lash style is what will really give you that faultless, flawless look, and our selection of lashes come in a range of styles to suit everyone. You could have the best lashes for almond shaped eyes in terms of shape, but if the product isn’t soft or flexible you’ll struggle to perfect the ‘no makeup’ makeup look. Our products are crafted with soft, lightweight and flexible bands for ease of application too.