The Best False Lashes for Round Eyes

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The Best False Lashes for Round Eyes

Here at NJC, we know that mastering the art of false lash application takes more than a little patience, but the right lashes can make all the difference.

And when you’ve got big, round eyes, the lash world is pretty much your oyster. You lucky, lucky things.

While round eyes suit an almost endless amount of lash styles, the wrong shape could completely change the shape of your eyes… and not in the way you’d hope for.

Because you’ve got a lot to work with, we thought we’d narrow down your options and make your life even easier for you with our collection of styles designed specifically for round eyes.

You’re about to fall head over heels.

Do I have round eyes? 

round eyes

It’s pretty easy to work out if you have round eyes. If you can see the whites of your eyes below your iris when you look straight ahead into the mirror, then yes, you’ve got round eyes! When you’ve got open, round eyes with noticeable depth, you can have a lot of fun when it comes to playing around with different lash styles. The best lashes for round eyes are… almost all of them. Did someone say eye goals? 

The best lash styles for round eye shapes

Because of the head-turning dimension of your eyes (jealous, much), the best false lashes for round eyes will enable you to enhance this depth even further. Look to uber-curled lashes that taper out on the outer corners and wispy, ethereal styles that will open out your eyes and provide that fluttery goodness. Avoid overly dense lashes as they could overwhelm your eyes and make them look smaller or flatter than they are.

Chloe Lash ($8 USD)

Like your lashes to bring the drama? The Chloe Lash ticks every box. Multi lash layers in various lengths provide volume while still maintaining wispy natural edges. Living for them.

Hannah Lash ($12 USD)

Perfect for round, larger eye shapes, the Hannah Lash features fluffy, wispy fibers in a tapered design for a fun and flirty look. Get ready – you’re going out for drinks!

April Lash ($14 USD)

Want to create the classic ‘no makeup’ makeup look? Meet the April Lash from the Naked Collection. Featherlight, triple curled lashes that won’t weigh your round eyes down.


How can you tell if you have round eyes?

One of the main characteristics of round eyes is if you can see the white on top and on the bottom of the iris. If you can, then you’ve got round eyes! With round eyes, your eyelid crease will always be noticeably visible.

What are the best lashes for round eyes?

With round eyes, you’ve got the option to play around with most styles, but the best false lashes for round eyes are often wispy, curly and more natural-looking lashes. Styles that are longer on the outer corners will add depth to the eye – you don’t want to overwhelm your eyes and make them appear smaller than they are.  

How do I get my lashes to suit my round eyes?

If your lashes don’t suit your round eyes, you could be wearing a style that doesn't suit your eye shape. Before you invest in lots of designs, it’s important that you avoid super thick and dense lashes. Overwhelming your lash line is the number one thing you need to avoid when picking lashes, especially if you have small eyes.

Whether you’re looking for the best lashes for round eyes or small eyes, discover premium handcrafted lashes for every eye shape at Nikkia Joy Cosmetics.