The Best Lashes for Deep Set Eyes

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Spent more time than you’d like to admit applying false lashes only for them to look a little… off?

If your fave beauty blogger’s eyelash tutorial still isn’t giving you the details you need to find your perfect lash match, you could be going for lashes that simply don’t suit your eye shape.

When it comes to a seamless lash application that makes all your getting ready dreams come true, catering to your eye shape is a step you can’t miss out. Mastering the art of false lash application doesn’t come easy, but with Nikkia Joy Cosmetics, we've taken the hard work out by designing false lashes to suit your eye shape, deep set eyes included

So, you’re looking for the best false lashes for deep set eyes?

You’ll be thanking us later. 


Deep set eyes: the 411

Your eyes are positioned slightly further back in your eye socket, which creates the illusion of a lower and more prominent brow bone. If your lashes appear to graze your eyelids, you’ve got deep set eyes that deserve all the drama when it comes to makeup and the lashes you wear. Think Natalie Portman, Kim Kardashian vibes. Deep set, dreamy and hypnotising.


Finding the perfect lashes to suit your face

With deep-set eyes, go for lashes that are long, curled and designed to accentuate your look. More is always more; we’re talking lashes, in excess. Look for added volume, extra length and multidimensional lashes that curl up and away from the eye. Perfect for opening and brightening the eye, curled lashes bring the drama that your eye shape so badly deserves.

 Why not go the whole way? Like a gift from the beauty gods, the naked set has every lash essential nailed. Triple curled for maximum lift and made from quality synthetic fibers to emulate the look and feel of your natural lashes. Yours, but bigger.  

deep set eyes


The perfect false lashes for deep set eyes don’t exi… Meet the Hannah lash, offering a fun and flirty look for every occasion. Made from fluffy 3D faux mink fibers, this lash is just waiting to join you on your next evening out.

Hannah Lash ($12 USD) 

Hey Alexa, we’re a little in love. Ultra-light, triple curled and featuring a wispy crisscross design this must-have lash will allow you to stack on tonnes of drama without weighing down the eyes.



What are the best false lashes for deep set eyes?

With deep set eyes, you’ve got the luxury to be totally dramatic with your lash choices – so make the most of it!  With the freedom to stack on the volume without overpowering your face, volume, density, curl and length is all you need for fluttery perfection.


How can I make my deep set eyes look bigger?

With deep set eyes, it’s all about really making them pop. Try highlighting and brightening the contour of your eyes, by applying a light shade of eyeshadow all over your lid and to the inner corner of your eyes. This will work to bring forward and open deep-set eyes.


Why do my fake lashes not suit me?  

When you’ve got deep set eyes, short length lashes that lack in volume are a strict no-go. Due to the way your eyes sit under the brown bone, you should look to accentuate your eye shape with lashes that are bigger, bolder and curlier than you might be used to.

From big eyes round eyes to almond shaped eyes  and hooded eyes, there’s a shape and style for everyone at Nikkia Joy Cosmetics. Banish bad makeup days forever and welcome eminently longer, dreamier and lustful lashes to your life forever.