The Best Lashes for Small Eyes

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The Best Lashes for Small Eyes

If you’ve got small eyes, all you need are the right lashes and the correct technique (time to brush up on your application skills!), to accentuate your eyes whenever you feel like it.

The best false lashes for small eyes are actually designed to be worn whenever and wherever you want. Day to night, brunch to cocktails or simply out running errands, you can wear falsies for moments that don’t involve bars or birthdays. We promise. 

It can be tricky finding styles that fit your eyes and small features, but when it comes to the best lashes for small eyes, we’ve created a collection in a range of loveable styles especially for our small eyed babes.

False lashes for every single mood: pending.

Do I have small eyes?

If you have eyes on the smaller side, you probably already know! The struggle is real when it comes to applying eyeshadow without overpowering your face, and we won’t get you started on finding false lashes that don’t totally overwhelm your face. Simply, small eyes tend to be tinier than the rest of your facial features, and you might even have a smaller space between the ends of your lashes and brow bone.

The perfect lashes for small eyes 

When it comes to finding the best strip lashes for small eyes, there are a few tips and tricks to help you avoid the dreaded eye ‘shrinkage’. Small eyes can get unavoidably overwhelmed with false lashes, so ALWAYS trim your falsies to suit your face. Customization is key to nailing your aesthetic, and let’s face it, lash strip overhang is the ultimate no-no for small, hooded or monolid eyes.  

Soft, sultry and elongating… shall we go on? The Lauren Lash is handcrafted with a cross woven pattern to give the eyes more definition and added brightness. Perfect for pretty and petite eyes. 

Small eyes get to live their best beauty lives when paired with natural, fluffy lashes that open up the eye. The Amy 2.0 Lash features multi directional wispy fibers to create a flawless finish for every mood and moment. The invisible band promises undetectable wear and the ultimate comfort.

Raise your hand if you’ll wear lashes running errands? Us too.  Give your 9-5 look an amped-up edge with falsies that say “I woke up like this”… enter: The Petite Set. Let’s be honest, you can never have too many lashes, and this crew of lust-worthy styles includes multiple textures, patterns and lengths created specifically for smaller, petite eyes. Thank us later.

From big eyes to round shaped eyes, our luxe lashes cater to every single eye shape. Find your perfect lashes today.  


What are the best strip lashes for small eyes?

Taking your eye shape and size into account when picking out your lashes is so important. When it comes to finding the best strip lashes for small eyes, make sure that you choose natural-looking designs that don’t overwhelm your petite features. Go for lashes with super flexible, invisible bands for undetectable wear – and always trim your lash band to fit your eyes!

How can I make my small eyes look bigger? 

The beauty of false lashes is that they can really open up and enhance what you’ve already got! Our selection of lashes for smaller eye shapes work to accentuate your natural beauty. With smaller eyes, lashes that are slightly longer in the center can also help to create an illusion of depth.

Why do my fake lashes not suit me?  

When you’ve got small eyes, hugely dense lashes are not for you. Be sure to trim the band of your lashes on the inner and outer corners to avoid lash strip overhang, as this can give you a droopy appearance. Due to your petite features, you should look to emphasize your eyes with lashes that widen and lift the eyes, so be careful with multi-layered lashes as they may overpower you.