The Best Lashes for Cat Eyes

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Choosing the right pair of lashes is a complete game-changer, fact.

Ladies (and gents), if you’ve got upturned cat eyes, you’re pretty much the perfect candidate for a smoked out or simple cat eye. In fact, you’re so blessed, you’re basically the Bella Hadid’s and Kendall Jenner’s of the world.

The best lashes for cat eyes? Almost all of them.    

It doesn’t take much to make your eye makeup POP and elevate your whole look. We’re not crying, we swear.   

So, if you’ve got upturned eyes and you suit almost every lash shape out there, you’re probably going to need a little help narrowing it down to take your look to the next level.


Are my eyes upturned?

upturned eyes

Grab your mirrors – it’s time to use your imagination. If you’re unsure about your eye shape, try picturing a straight line going directly from the top of your nose, though your pupil and towards your temple. If the outer corners of your eyes are above the line, then you’ve got upturned cat eyes. 


Finding the right false eyelashes for you

When it comes to finding the best lashes for cat eyes, you’ve officially got the suits-anything-and-everything eye shape going on. To exaggerate your upturned eyes, we recommend going for winged lashes that fan out with the most volume and length on the outer ends. If you’re looking for a soft and subtle look, try balancing out your eye shape with a style featuring evenly distributed lashes across the whole lash. 

Fierce, flirty and effortlessly feline, flared lashes are a nonnegotiable when it comes to your evening glam. Made from silky, faux mink fibers and suitable for smaller and larger eyes, say hi to the Zahrah lash… she’s all yours.

 Zahrah Lash

Zahrah Lash ($12 USD) 

Another lightweight, elongating lash that’s utterly perfect for helping you accentuate the shape of your eyes. This 3D design offers a cross woven pattern for natural volume and a fluffy, cat eye finish.  Purrfect. It’s the Lauren lash.

Lauren Lash

Lauren Lash ($8 USD) 

Tapered hairs on the inner and outer corners promise to give your cat eyes a dreamy doe-eyed look. Widen, open and brighten the eyes with the Melanie lash.



What do cat eyes look like?

Cat eyes are just another way of describing upturned eye shapes. Upturned eyes appear to tilt upward, and the bottom lash line curves upward to meet the top lashes at the outer corner of the eye. Think almond eyes with a little lift.  


What are the best lashes for upturned cat eyes?

Just like almond shaped eyes, upturned eyes are incredibly versatile. With their upward lift at the outermost corner, winged lashes that taper out at the outer corners are perfect for accentuating your eyes seamlessly.


What are the most natural looking false lashes?

The key to finding the right lashes starts with your eye shape. Just like you wouldn’t wear any old size in clothing, it’s the same when picking out lashes! Understanding your eye shape is essential to seamless lash application and the final result. From big eyes and deep set eyes to downturned eyes and hooded eyes, one size, (or shape) doesn’t fit all.

Unlock a whole new world of beauty with false lashes designed to suit everyone. Make your makeup looks count with lashes designed to accentuate your natural beauty.