The Best Lashes for Big Eyes

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For those of you blessed with prominent eyes, less is more when it comes to false lashes.

Why? Because it certainly doesn’t take much to make your beautiful, big eyes stand out.

Wearing false lashes is all about elevating your natural lashes and opening the eyes, and you’re already halfway there! Because you’re super blessed with the fairytale eyes that most of us can only dream of, it’s uber important that you wear lashes that complement your eyes without overwhelming the rest of your face.

Want to know what the best lashes for big eyes look like? Keep scrolling.    


Big eyes: what you need to know

If you’ve got big eyes, you probably don’t need us to tell you twice. Bigger eyes have a lower lid and tend to project from the eye socket that sits deeply in the face. Belle of the ball, anyone?

 false lashes on big eyes

Finding the right false eyelashes for you

Take note when we say that every eye shape is different, so what looks super chic on someone with small round eyes might not work for someone with eyes as big and bright as yours.  The best lashes for big eyes are lightweight, wispy and romantic, and not just because your dominant eyes give off Disney princess vibes wherever you go. Avoid overly long and thick lashes, because with you, less is more.

Go for ultra-light definition and accentuate the lash line with wispy, multidimensional fibers that curl. Say hello to the April lash.

 april lash

 April Lash ($14 USD)


The Amy lash was pretty much created for you. The soft and fluttery silky synthetic lash fibers are tapered on both the inner and outer corners for natural volume.

 amy lash

 Amy Lash ($7 USD)


The best false lashes for big eyes are designed to emulate the look and feel of natural lashes. Our Ashleigh lash uses multi directional wispy fibers to create a flirty and fluttery effortless look. Mila Kunis, eat your heart out.

From round eyes and small eyes to almond shaped eyes, we’re here to help you achieve fluttery fullness with a range of lashes that cater to every eye shape, mood, and moment. Explore the Nikkia Joy Cosmetics blog for our go-to guide for creating both natural and dramatic lash looks.



What do the best lashes for big eyes look like? 

Believe it or not, less is more in your case. While those of you with prominent eyes might lean towards the biggest most volumized lashes to match, we’d recommend keeping it soft, subtle and sultry. Avoid overpowering thick lashes as you could end up hiding your seamless eyeshadow blend – and we wouldn’t want that.


What do big eyes look like?

If you haven’t noticed by now that you have big eyes, the chances are you probably don’t. But, just to be sure, prominent eyes appear to have a ‘lower lid’ and project further out of the socket than most.


Why do my fake lashes not suit me?  

If you’ve got larger eyes, stick to cat-eye lashes that taper out to elongate the lash line and styles with equally distributed lashes fibers. If your lashes don’t suit you, you’ve probably chosen styles that are too heavy, dramatic and thick.