The Best Lashes for Sensitive Eyes

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The Best Lashes for Sensitive Eyes

If you’re reading this, you already know false lashes have the ability to instantly elevate your look to something more dramatic in just a few minutes. 

But, if you’re dealing with super sensitive eyes, you’ll also know that the struggle can be real. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, false lashes can sometimes cause itchy, stingy or watery eyes, which isn’t cute or comfortable. 

Luckily for you, we’re here to deliver the best lashes for sensitive eyes, in a range of head-turning shapes and styles. Yep, like a gift from the beauty god’s, we’ve created a selection of lashes dedicated to even the most sensitive of eyes.

Falsies to look forward to? Keep scrolling.

Finding the right lashes for sensitive eyes 

If you’ve been looking for the best lash extensions for sensitive eyes but suffer with reactions to permanent individuals, we recommend opting for a pair of false lashes instead. If you’ve got super sensitive eyes, strip styles made with faux mink, silk or premium synthetic fibers will give you the lust-worthy results without causing discomfort – plus they’re a simple way of quickly enhancing your look. Besides, the urge for an upgraded gaze could strike at any time.

Our premium handcrafted fake lashes contain the highest quality synthetic fibers in order to minimize irritation on both your eyes and natural lashes. From brow-gazing styles that promise elevated drama to wispy lash lines that give you a fluttery fullness mascara simply can’t achieve, find the best lashes for sensitive eyes all in one place.  

Using an innovative soft cotton band with the ultimate flexibility, enjoy non-irritating wear and that ‘barely there’ feel we all dream of with falsies. The Amy lash offers flirty volume and endless drama…  without the discomfort. Yes please.

Carefully designed with a thin and flexible lash band for ultra-comfort and seamless application, employ the Melanie lash for beautifully framed eyes that give all kinds of good makeup vibes. The fluffier, the better. 

When we said the best false lashes for sensitive eyes were made from soft, faux mink, we meant it. Wispy hairs that taper out to full volume on the outer corners enabling total customization? For real. Thoughtfully designed to be trimmed on either the inner or outer corner to suit your eye shape, the Natural 2.0 Lash Set is so airy that you’ll forget you’re even wearing them.


What are the best lash extensions for sensitive eyes?

It depends on how sensitive you are, but if you struggle with itchy, watery or eyes that sting, then extensions are probably out of the question. We recommend choosing strip lashes instead. Unlike semi-permanent lash extensions, you can apply strip lashes yourself, both easily and quickly.

What are the best lashes for sensitive eyes? 

Strip lashes made from quality faux mink, silk or premium synthetic fibers will enable you to create game-changing makeup looks without causing any discomfort of irritation. Using innovative technologies, our selection of lashes for sensitive eyes were made with optimum comfort in mind.

Is it okay to wear false lashes everyday?

Sure! It’s fine to wear false lashes everyday as long as you wear designs made for multiple use. Our selection of lashes feature flexible lash bands, are extremely durable and can be worn up to 15 times with proper care. Make sure that you’re gentle with your natural lashes when you remove your falsies too.