The Best False Lashes for Monolid Eyes

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The Best False Lashes for Monolid Eyes

False lashes aren’t a one-size-fits-all beauty product, that’s a fact.

While the right pair of falsies can give you the fluttery lash line worthy of a Victoria’s Secret runway look, the wrong pair of lashes can completely ruin a look.

If you’ve got monolid eyes with straight eyelashes, the chances are you’ve had a little trouble finding fake lash products to suit you. The struggle to find the right length, density and curve can be real. 

Monolids are a striking open canvas, and we’re here to help you make the most of them with our curated collection of lashes for monolids.

Monolid eyes 

monolid eyes

Most commonly found among Asian eyes, the skin on monolids (or epicanthic folds as they're medically termed) covers the entire upper eyelid. If you don’t have a visible crease line, you’ve got monolid eyes, and there are certain types of lash styles that’ll suit you. The best false lashes for monolid eyes? Keep scrolling.

The perfect lashes for monolid eye shapes

Often, monolid eyes have straighter lashes, which is why we’re all for ultra-curled, fluttery lash goodness.

To create the illusion of a more open, elongated eye shape, criss-cross lashes and multi-layered styles with longer lashes that taper on the outer corners will really enhance your look. Avoid super dense lashes that weigh your eyelids down, and keep it light, airy and curly to subtly emphasize your lash line.

Arielle Lash ($14 USD)


Let your lashes do the talking with the Arielle Lash, specifically designed to give a full volume, full drama look for those with monolid shaped eyes. Made from silky faux mink fibers, the tapered elongated tips bring a flirty finish.

Natasha Lash ($12 USD)


Want a fluffy look to open up your eyes and give you the doe-eyed look of dreams? Yeah, same. The Natasha Lash is a triple stacked, cross woven lash that will help you elevate any makeup look.

Hunter Lash ($22 USD)


Day to night glam made easy. Soft and feminine, the Hunter Lash is ultra-curled, which really lifts and opens the eyes. The hairs softly taper in both length and thickness towards the outer corner to subtly elongate the eye. 


What are monolid eyelashes like naturally?

Common characteristics for monolids include straight lashes that don’t tend to curl upwards. Since the lid covers the natural lashes, it can give the appearance of shorter eyelashes too, making them the perfect canvas for a huge selection of false lashes. Lucky you! 

How to pick the right false lashes for monolid eyes?

The best lashes for monolid eyes are wispy, fluffy and often feature lighter, crisscross lash fibers. Be sure to stay away from super dense lashes as you don’t want to overwhelm your eyes – instead, we want to give them a brighter and wider appearance.

What are the most natural looking false lashes?

This completely depends on your eye shape! Certain lash styles will suit downturned eyes or hooded eyes for example, while other styles will work perfect on small eye shapes or monolids.