Avoid common eye makeup mistakes with these non-negotiable eye makeup tips

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While there’s somehow always a spot in our makeup collection for a shimmering new eyeshadow palette, mascara or pair of false lashes, learning how to make the most of them is the problem. 

Sure, applying eye makeup is supposed to be fun. From nailing romantic shimmery looks and bold hued brights to finding the perfect style pair of fluttery falsies to suit your eyes, the eye makeup department can be a tricky one.

eye makeup

Whether you’re looking for subtle office friendly looks or dramatic evening glam, we’re here with some almost too-good-to-be-true eye makeup tips. 

And more importantly, how to avoid those not so flattering common makeup mistakes that can ruin a whole look. 

Work with your eye shape 

No matter how many YouTube tutorials you watch, if you don’t work with your natural eye shape, it could all be for nothing. Why? Because all eye shapes are completely different, and what works for someone with hooded eyes might not work for someone with monolid eyes. Your eye shape plays a huge role in how and where you should apply and blend your eyeshadow, and you should use your crease to guide your shape.

False lashes: subtle to statement 

Nothing distracts from a bad hair day like flawless eye makeup and a set of infinitely versatile false lashes. When it comes to falsies, picking the perfect style for your eye shape is critical to your final look. The right style can become an everyday essential, delivering a day to night versatility that was once only possible with permanent lash extensions. From subtle in length to full and dramatic, our collection of lashes promises to thicken the lash line with their endlessly silky multidimensional fibers designed to suit every single eye shape. 

Prime and bake 

One of our go-to eye makeup tips? Eyelid primer. It's uber important to prep the eyelid before eyeshadow, especially since the under-eye area needs a little extra moisture and TLC. An eyelid primer works to prevent creasing and choppy-looking eyeshadow, as well as increasing the longevity of your look. Another MUA-approved eye makeup tip is to bake your primer with a translucent loose face powder to stop tackiness and difficulty blending. If you’ve got hooded or downturned eyes this is a serious non-negotiable!

Blending techniques

Less is more when it comes to blending. Pick up your desired shade with a blending brush and top off the excess, then move your new eye-handling tool in circular motions, through the crease and focusing on the outer corner. Next, circle the brush in an upwards direction towards the brow bone to really lift the eyes, making them appear brighter, younger and effortlessly contoured. For a super soft, sultry and smoked out effect, this eyeshadow trick is your go-to.

To achieve fluttery fullness and perfectly blended eyeshadow, explore the selection of carefully curated products at Nikkia Joy Cosmetics and follow Nikkia Joy’s YouTube channel for go-to eyeshadow hacks.