Beauty sponges: tips & tricks to maximize your perfecting sponge

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Our range of Perfecting Sponges entered our lives just a few years ago and if you’re like us, you’re probably asking yourself what you did before it existed. 

The uber soft blending sponge has been designed to seamlessly apply makeup, fake tan, skin care and beyond. Yep, there’s little wonder why we dubbed our version the ‘perfecting sponge’.  

Admittedly, our Pro Plus Perfecting Sponge and Perfecting Sponge are some of the best makeup sponges you’ll welcome into your makeup bag. As one of the most multitasking tools you’ll ever use to apply a range of products, each sponge promises to come through with a super flawless, photoshopped finish during every application. 

Read on to discover our favorite beauty sponge hacks.

Applying skincare 

This hardworking makeup tool can do almost anything. While you might not be able to apply your mascara with it (yet), you can use this wonder sponge to apply your skin care products. From face serums to eye creams, the cooling effect of the damp sponge and product has a cooling effect on the skin and can work to reduce morning swelling and puffiness. 

Cover all bases 

Our perfecting sponge is the only tool you’ll ever need. Start your look by applying primer with a damp sponge and welcome a smoother finish – expect the clean canvas makeup artists always seem to achieve. Use this tool to apply foundation and blend out concealer to stop makeup creasing into fine lines. You can also use dabbing motions to apply powder to set your face once your makeup look is complete. We’re a little obsessed with the insanely airbrushed finish it achieves. 

Contour, blush, highlight – 3 magic words 

We told you this dual-ended sponge could do almost anything and works for both cream and powder products. Love. For blusher we recommend using the rounder, large end of the sponge to gently dab product in, and for highlighter, the smaller pointed end of the sponge. Flawless, dewy, airy perfection? Yes please. 

Eyeshadow, fake tan & beyond 

Say bye to hours in front of the mirror blending your new beautifully pigmented eyeshadow. As unbelievable as it may seem, the smaller portion of your makeup sponge is a super simple way to apply eyeshadow and help you achieve a quick and beautifully blended crease and lid color. Next, one of our favorite hacks –how to avoid a self-tan fail! Simply apply self-tan with a damp beauty sponge to the back of your hands and the areas that sometimes look a little stripy. Thank us later.


Cleaning & caring for your perfecting sponge 

With glowing, flawless skin… comes the responsibility of cleaning your beauty blender. Cleaning your sponge after each use is a must for making the most out of your sponge and the products you’re applying. Run the blender under warm water and rub it against a mild liquid soap of your choice until the water begins to run clear. Gently squeeze out any excess water and dry your blender into a towel and you’re good to go. While you might not want to part ways with your perfecting sponge, we recommend replacing it every 3 months for optimum performance. Take care of your makeup sponges by giving them a home in a dry, well ventilated place away from direct sunlight. 

For an applicator game-changer that speaks to your blending needs, explore the selection of Perfecting Sponges at Nikkia Joy Cosmetics.