How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger in 60 Seconds

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I feel like I always used to spend the majority of my time frustrated when flicking through the glossy beauty and fashion magazines. Not only do the women splashed across the pages have perfect skin, the longest legs I’ve ever seen and teeny waists to match (I say this while stuffing a chocolate croissant into my mouth) but they all have these amazingly large ‘stare-into-your-soul’ eyes. I myself have not been blessed with large, living-doll eyes – I come from the small, hooded eye neck of the woods, and I used to spend so much time staring into the dreamy eyes of these celebrities, thinking to myself, “why the hell aren’t I as naturally blessed as her!!” 

It was quite a shock (and I’m not going to lie, also a complete delight) to discover that these women do not in fact have the incredibly large, lustful eyes that I always thought they had, but are instead faking it with falsies!

I know you're probably thinking "what the hell is a falsie!?" and silently screaming "my beauty routine is already so jam packed I couldn't possibly imagine fitting another step in!" but these so called 'falsies' are actually alot simpler (and quicker!) than you think!

What is a 'falsie'?

Have you ever spent what feels like hours applying coats of mascara only to wind up with short, stumpy little lashes that stick together? Yep – me too! It’s beyond infuriating (especially when that damn bottle of mascara promised to make me look like Gigi Hadid!).  

Well I am here to tell you today instead of wasting precious time battling the mascara bottle, celebrities, models and all the cute girls on Instagram are using false eyelashes! Much like the name suggests, false eyelashes or 'falsies' are temporary eyelashes that are applied as the final step in a makeup routine to give the illusion of beautiful, long fluttery lashes.

The right pair of false eyelashes can instantly transform any makeup look. They can take your look from 0 to 100 in around 60 seconds (30 with practice!) and are actually really easy to apply. It’s quite a dramatic difference when you see the same eye with and without false lashes – it almost doesn’t look like the same person – the eyes look instantly bigger, brighter and wide awake! When chosen correctly, the right false eyelash can give anyone that instant doll-eyed effect, will win you heaps of compliments and have you looking exactly the model’s splashed all over this months Vogue!

But are they comfortable?

Gone are the days where false eyelashes were only for use on stage. You’re imagining those big plastic, awful looking ones right? Well today’s false eyelashes are in fact quite the opposite. They are small and flexible, have soft wispy hairs and come paired with the most amazing, lightweight, comfortable bands ever! The trick is choosing the right lash for your eye shape, and getting to know your eye shape just got a whole lot easier with our eye shape guide!

But how do you choose the right lash for your eye shape?

Grab a mirror, relax your brows and looking straight ahead, observe the features of your eye shape.

Hooded Eyes

If the crease on your eyelid is only visible when you look down or raise your eyebrows then you have hooded eyes! Hooded eyes are best paired with lashes that are fuller/longer in the center that fan outwards to give the illusion of a higher crease. Check out the below styles perfect for your eye shape!

Natalie Lash

Natasha Lash

Melanie Lash

Natalie Lash

Nikkia Lash

Katy Perry Eye Shape

Round Eyes

When looking directly in the mirror can you see the whites of your eye around your iris? If yes then you have round eyes! Longer, wispy lashes with heavier volume at the lash base and hairs that fan upwards are the most flattering on your peepers! Check out these lashes to add some drama:

Hannah Lash

Chloe Lash

Gemma Lash

Almond Eyes

If part of your iris disappears behind your upper or lower eyelids then you have almond eyes! Almond eyes can generally get away with any lash shape but the best way to play up the romance is by choosing a lash that has shorter wispy hairs on the inner corner and longer, fuller hairs on the outer corner. Try these styles:

Samantha Lash

Lauren Lash

Ella Lash

Monolid Eyes

Is there a crease in your eyelid? If  there is no crease at all then you have monolid eyes! Monolid eyes benefit most from soft, flirty lashes that are longer in length in the centre and have a prominent curl to not only open and brighten the eyes, but also create the illusion of a faux crease. Get bigger eyes using these lashes:

Amy Lash

Natasha Lash

Natalie Lash

So there you have it – the celebrity secret that no-one wants you to know! False lashes are the answer to big, bright, wide open peepers and also the key to loading up on compliments! Quick to apply, zero damage to your natural lashes and re-usable multiple times! Enjoy your new found big, bright open eyes!!